For the Love of… Specific Characters

It had to happen. I know, I know, you are all rolling your eyes, thinking you know who and what characters I will put in this post, but you have NO IDEA.

First off, I will begin with my least favorite, favorite character. Doesn’t make sense? Make a chart of your favorite characters, number them, and then maybe it will. Anyways, I start with Robin, from Witch Hunter Robin. Alright, I know I have talked about this show, but hey! Robin is a fifteen year old badass who (SPOILER) may or may not be dead. I love/hate when stories don’t tell you what happened to characters. I love it because it could mean they lived, but I hate it because I want to know. (END SPOILERS) Anyways, I just really like Robin because she, despite being young, knows her way in the world and continues on believing what she does; she sticks by decisions and has many great friends. I envy that.

Next on my list, well, i just have to: Voldemort. Hahaha epic amazing jerk who you just love to hate, and hate to love, Voldemort and his Horcruxes really helped the Harry Potter series move. Even when you don’t know his Horcrux is one (the diary) it is still frickin cool to think that maybe Voldemort has some really epic magical skills. He gets this place of honor on my list because, while he isn’t my all-time favorite character, he still deserves some sort of recognition. You’ve just got to love the mass murderer as long as he is fictious only.

Some people are thinking, well how can you top the Dark Lord? That’s like asking for a death sentence. Well, here’s how: Benjamin Barker, aka Sweeney Todd. I would have Mrs. Lovett, but that woman is portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter, and as much as I love her as an actress, with her playing Bellatrix in the HP movies, well, I just can’t really like her… at least until I see her death scene, which will be EPIC. Anyways, no, I do not like Sweeney Todd just because he is portrayed by Johnny Depp. That’s a bonus! I like Sweeney Todd because he doesn’t listen. If you listen to all the songs in the movie carefully, you really hear what happens to certain characters, like Sweeney’s wife. Gotta love the fact, too that he is killing people by slitting their throats.

Next we have Tsume, from Wolf’s Rain. Badass with an X scar on his chest. His voice actor has such a sexy voice, I couldn’t help but love Tsume. Plus the fact that his voice actor also portrays Amon in Witch Hunter Robin is a HUGE bonus. Plus, Tsume is a wolf. Snape_Redeemed + Wolves= Automatic love fest. (there are some exceptions to this rule, however) Tsume struggles in the first episode because he has always been the alpha, but he can’t be the alpha for the band of wolves searching for Paradise because he doesn’t believe in it and he doesn’t even know where to look. Still, Tsume = Sexy Beast!

Now into the tougher decisions, the top 3. Alright, this just had to be stated for #3: Iago, from Othello. That mother fucking bastard that you just love to hate and hate to love because you know exactly how the manipulating bastard feels. You wish you were as cool as Iago, who manages to screw everyone over before he silences himself from ever speaking again. That bastard is frickin amazing! Thank you Shakespeare. I could not really stand too much of your work until that play. Thank you dead man.

#2 is much more….interesting. This character is from a popular web series called Red Vs. Blue. The amazing character I am talking about is Caboose! Stupidity at its finest, you just have to go to just to see what I am talking about. Caboose is one of the more stupid characters on the show of idiots, but he makes you crack up the most from his random sayings. His obsessions with machinery, particularly machinery named Sheila, is so hilarious that it almost can’t be described in words. I love the fact that he is actually the only one besides the robot Lopez, who is semi-capable of working on machinery. Caboose, this goes out to you and your voice actor! You’re the shit, I love ya!

#1 Drum roll please! not that you need it, you probably already know. But in fact, my number one spot is covered by two characters. Severus Snape of Harry Potter and Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII. Vincent is an awesome badass whose voice actor is just simply fantastic and one of my all-time favorites. Vincent has a rough past and is technically really old, but for the fact that he was experimented on and placed into a lovely sleep tank. An amazing shot with guns, Vincent also can transform into his beast forms and kick even more ass. Now, onto Severus. So amazing, so complex, even the actor portraying him in the movies (Alan Rickman) is awesome. I think I nearly died when I saw Rickman in Sweeney Todd but it was totally great to see him in a role other than Harry Potter. Still, every time I watch Harry Potter now, I think, wow, Snape, what sexual fantasies are on your mind today? Hahaha, but I digress. Severus Snape is wickedly complicated; he loves Harry’s mother, hates his father and him, but is willing to protect and help Harry (unknown to Harry himself) because he has the same eyes as his mother and all that is left of her. The Silver Doe is about the most beautiful thing about the whole thing, too. I absolutely love the fact that Snape’s love was so powerful that it carried on so subtly throughout the series; it makes sense when you think about it. Snape would hate Harry because Snape wished that Harry was his own son, not James Potter’s. The fact that Harry looks so much like his father also brings back bad memories for Snape. I LOVE HIM! Makes me wish there was a whole series about Snape…. Note to self, write to J.K. Rowling and beg for a Severus Snape biography.

Well, that’s it for today’s edition of “For the Love of…” Tune in tomorrow to see what else I can manage to ramble on about. Snape_Redeemed out.


~ by HelixRook on February 9, 2011.

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