For the Love of… Remembering Dreams

Imagine this, but with sharper eyes, almost more slanted and wider, and no cleft chin

For the last two nights I’ve been having dreams of the same person. Now, the dreams themselves are different, but the guy in it is the same. I don’t know who he is. He looks so familiar, but every time I come close to a name, I wake up. I want to know who this kid is and why he keeps coming to my dreams. I mean, it’s not like I mind; I love it, but it’s like I know who it is, and I need to figure it out before I go crazy.

Still, he’s not quite like anyone I really remember. With grungy brown hair that is not too long, and sharp eyes. The closest I can think of is that kid from Pretty Little Liars (first time I watched it was on Monday). His picture is the pic of the day. But it’s just really bizarre.

In last night’s dream, he was the brother of a girl I know, but whose house I had never been too. Things were pretty okay, then they got weird, as things can only in dreams. Well, first off, I was introduced to her parents. Then I met her “brother,” the guy. He looked like he couldn’t believe he was seeing me and avoided me for most of the dream. Then somehow my friend and I got into this video game contest. Well, considering I have never seen her play a video game in her life, I naturally whooped her butt. Except, when I won, her “brother” came in and started to play against me. Then the scene changed and it was me, him and a friend of his that also looked familiar. We were in some sort of ice rink, but we weren’t wearing ice skates properly. We had to sit (sort of) on these skates. Then the brother’s friend gently moved me to the side while he prepared to shoot a puck into the net, and we both got this really dirty look from the brother. The scene shifted again, and suddenly we were swimming, but it was the brother, me, my friend and my sister. Well, for one, my sister is really pretty in comparison to me, for another, she doesn’t even know who my friend is. Anyways, we are swimming in this epically long and deep pool. My sister and the guy are talking and flirting, and I become pissed off. I go to the very far end of this “pool” thing (it’s really like an uber long river with cliffs on the far end), and suddenly its like I am in the middle of a video game, and I am on top of a cliff, having to shoot…something at these monster creatures across the way, who are also attacking me. More and more monsters, and in different varieties come until I am looking at a multi-headed hydra, which shoots…something at me and hits the cliff I am on. Suddenly I can hear the guy yelling at me to run, but I can’t because the cliff is falling. Then I am back in the water, and swimming back towards where my sister, the guy and my friend were last. I get to the edge and they’re all missing. I become depressed, thinking the guy is with my sister. I get out of the “river-pool” and jump into this deep, but normal-ish pool that is right next to the river-pool. You know how people go into a pool, sink to the bottom, open their eyes and look back up for several moments? Well, that’s basically what I did. While depressed. Thinking of that guy, who, for some reason, I kept calling Jacob. Suddenly in the dream I am being pulled to the surface, and I look over and see the guy (Jacob,  I guess) holding me. He asks what I was thinking and if I was alright. I can’t speak because I am too distracted by his sharp eyes. (Don’t ask me why, but they were just sooooo sexy). Next thing I know, my sister walks nearby and asks “Jacob” to join her. He shakes  his head and we sit in the pool; I put my head on his chest. The rest of the dream shifts to something totally unrelated, so I won’t go into details about that.

But still, it is a fact that I have dreamt about this kid twice in two days, and still have no idea who he is. Like I said, I will post the pic of that guy who is similar, but with grungier/(maybe dirtier describes it better) hair.

Anyways, the reason I chose “For the Love of…Remembering Dreams” is because I love the fact when I do. I get some really interesting and unique story ideas from my dreams. I even get some unique characters, like the kid mentioned above. I won’t go into details about my other dreams, though, in case I happen to use them to write a novel or something, but just know that I have some really screwed up dreams, some really amazing ones, and some that I can never remember, no matter how many times I try. I do think the one I had about a centaur on a trampoline was the most unusual, though.

Tomorrow will bring a new edition of “For the Love of…” but I can’t promise that it won’t be anything weird. Snape_Redeemed out.


~ by HelixRook on February 10, 2011.

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