For the Love of… cinnamon

Don’t ask me why, but I have the need to write about cinnamon. I love it with a passion. Maybe cinnamon has something in it that my body is needing so thus the cravings.

I love cinnamon as a spice and in candy. Either way I am willing to take it in and be content for at least a little while. I need cinnamon like I drink water. (By the by, I drink water like an alcoholic drinks alcoholic beverages; like a drug addict needs a fix; like a…well you get the point)

Anyways, I started with the cinnamon craving about five or so weeks ago when I was at home for the holidays. I got a giant $1 bag of cinnamon candies from walmart. Still have a ton of them left, but now I am eating those little cinnamon bits… what do they call them? Imperials? Something like that. I have a small cupful of them and they are delicious. I keep eating them despite the hour and my cinnamon fix is not going anywhere. Whatever will I do?

Well, i guess I will go back to watching the Lion King. Hey, what can I say? I enjoy the classic Disney movies as well as candy. I may not be a child, but I am one at heart. One of the many quirks I learned growing up with a firefighter father. Bless him, he deserves more than what he is paid. *Sigh* too bad the government sucks when it comes to paying those who matter.


~ by HelixRook on February 16, 2011.

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