For the Love of… Family

This just had to happen. You see, my family can bug the crap out of me a lot. And I do mean A LOT. There are times when i just want to kill them, to maim and seriously injure (in the words of Dobby the house elf in the DH pt 1) them and a whole lot more. I mean, yeah they drive me up a wall, want me to commit murder or suicide (or murder-suicide), hit something, throw something, torture something, you know, normal things. But lately my family has been AMAZING.

You see, while I am away at college, I really don’t see them. I mean, my relationship with my two older sisters was practically nonexistent before I went to college. Somehow in the summer right before I came up to school, we started getting along a little better. It’s interesting, but I do enjoy it when we aren’t fighting. Well, I would know about fighting. I grew up with fighting. Fighting parents, fighting sisters, me fighting with sisters, me fighting with parents; it was all just a part of growing up for me. Now it is rather impossible to fight with a family that I don’t see every day. In fact, I don’t see them for months on end. Next month will probably be the first time I see them in two months, nearly three! I mean, I don’t really mind, because there isn’t fighting, but it is hard to depart from something that is so constant.

Anyways, the reason why this is my topic for today’s “For the Love of…” is because my amazing family has been really helping me out while I’ve been down and depressed these past few weeks. Tuesday I received a letter from my mom that had a Snowy Owl (she so nicely called it a Potter owl) card and some cash (since I haven’t had luck finding a job). Today I received a letter from my full sister, who plans within the next few months to join up with the Army. She also sent me a Game Stop gift card. You have no idea how excited I was to open that letter and realize that there was a gift as well. ^_^ What can I say, I won’t say no to a gift, not in a million years!

Anyways, family is really important to me. Although I haven’t gotten along with them too  well in the past, they are the constant in my life that I can really depend on. Sure I have a few friends who will occasionally hear me out when I am down, but family… with them, there is no need to explain; they just accept the suffering you are going through and try their hardest to help you through it. I thank God whenever I can remember for giving me such an amazing family. Yeah, they can be hard and, in my opinion at the time, full of shit, but hey! They are family, they care about me and what is going on in my life. I can’t wait to go see them again. I mean, while at college, it’s nice to be out of the house, but I am a home-body. I live and breathe home-life. I may not be that social a member of the family (believe me, everyone else talks plenty without MY input) but the chats that we do have keep me going and allow me to learn the lessons of life.

I think what I love most about my family is how easy they make my life. I mean, I have two older sisters whose own lives are perfect examples of how I won’t live my own. I mean, I would NEVER turn down a full-ride scholarship for a guy I will then marry and get a divorce to. I would NEVER smoke cigarettes or pot, or do any recreational drug, whether legal or not. I would not make rash decisions and join up with something that could kill me (at least, not without major thought; I did once want to join the military, but then I said, “Fuck it!” I had a bad recruiter anyways, who ended up dating and is now recruiting my sister). I have so many perfect examples from my family of what NOT to do with my life. And sure, that isn’t to say I am perfect; I am far from it! But I make my own mistakes while also learning from the mistakes of those around me.

I also consider a few of my friends in the category of “family” merely because they are constant, and awesome. I mean, yeah, I really do not have a lot of friends. A quick count of the people whom I really trust only brings about three to four names. I DO NOT trust people easily. I couldn’t ever really trust my ex-boyfriend; he still believes that we are some day going to get back together. I think on Valentine’s Day, when I got really pissy, he finally figured out that it was over between us… But no, I can only trust a few of my friends, and although that is sad, I know better than to allow people to come close. I have been betrayed; I have lost great “friendships” to stupid things, but you know, those good few close friends I have are absolutely fantastic. I love them to the bottom of my heart. I also thank God, when I remember, for giving me such good friends.

Alright, I think that may be enough for tonight. Yeah, yeah okay, I will admit it. I rambled on and now I want to get back to reading fanfictions. But hey! This is probably one of the more longer pieces of “For the Love of…” I have done so far…. Maybe I will switch it up and move on to for the hate of. Believe me, when I go there, my first post is going to be attacking false friends. Then you’ll get my whole bitter story. Oh well, until next time. Snape_Redeemed out.


~ by HelixRook on February 17, 2011.

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