For the Love of…Snow, and College kids

Well, recently we got a lot of snow where I’m at and I was really excited. You see, I didn’t grow up with four seasons. In fact, I only grew up with three. I had hotter than hell, a cold no one is really used to, and a moderate whatever. Those were my three seasons. But alas! I was excited when I saw that snow had fallen where I am at college. It was fantastic!

Naturally, I gathered up my warm clothing, grabbed my camera, and went outside. That’s when I found my picture for the day! Yes, it is exactly what it looks like: a penis. We are college kids, with the personalities of five-year olds. Needless to say, we can be really immature. Still, I was so entertained by this picture, I felt it needed to be shared with the world. Totally worth it in my opinion.

So, while I haven’t posted in some time, I am glad that I took the time out of today to let the world know about the strange snow-penis that erupted on my college campus. What can I say? College kids will do whatever they want. Anyways, on to bigger and better things!

My story for the HPFF Forum contest will be judged today. I will know within the next few hours whether or not I have won something spectacular, like a $200, $50, or $20 gift card to various places, or if I have failed and gained nothing. My story, which can be found, is 6999 words long.  Go ahead, go read it. Go critique it. I need some feedback for it.

So, until another such time that I can write, “For the Love of…” is still on its extended, unknown deadline. Until next time, Snape_Redeemed out.


~ by HelixRook on February 25, 2011.

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  1. yeah nice

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