For the Hate of…Waiting

I know, I will admit it: I am impatient. So is 99.99% of America. However, my impatience is due to the unknown, not due to the want of being somewhere else. I await letters in the mail; right now I am awaiting something that I don’t know if it is a letter or a package, what it contains or what it has to do with me other than a friend is sending it. So, impatience.

Now, I will say this, I don’t mind waiting on certain things. Many of which few people really wait on. For one,  I am a virgin. Sure, I can talk about and joke about sex all the time with my friends, but I have never experienced it. I don’t plan on experiencing it any time soon, either. I don’t mind waiting for the weather to pass before I decide to go outside. I don’t mind waiting for weather to happen, like rain or snow. For me, those two are so rare, I am glad for them when they come.

But I do have impatience on a lot of things. I hate waiting for the person in front of me to get a clue and speed up. I have impatience in getting to where I want to go, but there is traffic. I am impatient about school ending, or even just Spring Break, which, thankfully, is here soon. I am impatient with people I deem stupid, ignorant or just unnecessarily annoying.

That’s really all I have to care to say today. Until next time, “For the Hate of…” is done for today. Snape_Redeemed out.


~ by HelixRook on February 28, 2011.

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