Once upon a time in the past… I watched Power Rangers and played Pokemon

Actually, it wasn’t that long ago. Less than ten minutes, to be honest. I love Power Rangers Time Force; it was the first full season of Power Rangers I’ve ever seen. I’m excited and sad at the same time that I am finished with it. Now all I have left to do is clean, organize and go crazy.

Now, as for Pokemon, I am playing the new Black version for the game. I am really excited because I am getting far very quickly. But I am a little sad because I am moving a little too quickly through the game. I’m not even really using the book I bought, but still, a little too fast.

You know, it’s a little silly, but my two best friends growing up got me into each of the above. They were brothers, one was older than me and the other my age. The one my age ended up being gay, but we sort of already knew that….I digress. Anyways, as I’ve said, they got me into each series. I can’t ever thank them enough, because I still absolutely love them.

With Power Rangers, you have good always triumphing over evil, silly fights, interesting actors, amazing and strange story lines. The only issues I’ve ever had with Power Rangers was their tendency to not fill in loopholes in the series. My roommate and I had a plan, which I won’t go into detail, but let’s just say we are writing a fanfiction in which all loopholes are covered.

With Pokemon, you have friends, consistently protecting and helping out, a storyline that keeps you interested. Look at the franchise itself. It’s been going on for years. I’ve grown up with it, and I love it. Nothing has changed it.

I don’t feel much like rambling more. So, until the next “Once upon a time in the past…,” Snape_Redeemed out.


~ by HelixRook on March 14, 2011.

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