Once upon a time… I developed an idea

I’m very tired today, which is actually better than you think. I’m going to be turning on early tonight. Yeah, yeah I know, turning in on a Friday night is terrible, and I’ve been up  every night for the past few months until at least midnight, but I’ve got to get up really early tomorrow. Why? A mandatory field trip that makes me want to kill someone. I won’t, but I might get car sick driving around that early in the morning. I mean, it is an hour and a half drive to get to our destination. We are leaving at 5:30. Which means, we would arrive at 7, right? Well, the people we are visiting for this trip aren’t expecting us until 8. So why are we leaving an hour early? Because my professor is a psychotic bitch. There is a girl in our class who is recovering from a torn ACL. She just got off her crutches, but is limping. She got a doctor’s note and everything. But our professor is making her go. The trip is hiking. From 8am to 3:30pm, hiking all damn day. And this girl HAS to go on the trip, or her grade will go down by 70%. Anyone else see a problem with this?

Anyways, I’ve been developing several ideas over the last few weeks, and perhaps even years. Story ideas, I should say. I mean, I’ve got 5 or so novels ready to go, as soon as I take the time to start developing them. I’ve got a medieval story, a psycho-killer story, a crazy nut house(but not really) story, a Christian novel idea, a novel about a 9/11 conspiracy (Which I doubt I will get to work on any time soon because I know I will have to do a TON of research for it), and another novel that I won’t admit to because I’m going to finish it, then approach the company and beg to be allowed to publish it because of all the legal issues. But still, do you see something wrong with that? I do. I have NEVER completed a story, unless I totally just bullshitted it. I mean, look at my HPFF stories I have up! They are all WIP (Works in Progress) because I can’t decide how to end them. How they are now are just okay, but as a reader, I am not satisfied with that kind of ending.

As for those many story ideas I have, I’ve been developing some of them for ages. I mean, okay I forgot to mention one. It was a vampire novel. But I refuse to work on that right now while there is such a vampire craze still going on. I absolutely REFUSE. Anyways, I’ve been developing some of those for years, like the medieval one and the vampire one. The killer one I think is a little under a year, though I could be wrong. The Christian one, the 9/11 one and the one I won’t mention about are all more recent. I mean, I’ve been going crazy with writing for the one I won’t mention. For one reason, it could be turned into a fanfiction. While that may give you some clue as to the nature of it, I doubt you would guess what it is I am writing, or who the target audience is. But I have ideas, I have plans, and I want to get them out there. You know, I know I’ve previously posted that I would start posting some of my stories, but I haven’t. I guess I probably should. And not in my PAGES section either, but in these posts. Perhaps that will be my new goal. I will write some, get feedback, and post some more. Maybe that will be how I get my name out there, get my work noticed.

Alright, my plan is set. I will get to work on posting one of my projects soon. I promise myself this. I’m going to do this. Snape_Redeemed out.


~ by HelixRook on March 25, 2011.

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