Aragog’s Final Memories…A Fanfiction

The forest was dark and gloomy, but it had been home for so long now. Mist flittered around the tree trunks, whispering with the winds. An occasional click echoed into the air, as did the cries of animals ensnared in traps. His time was coming, he knew, because his family grew restless, and Hagrid was visiting more often than usual.

Aragog, the Acromantula, felt his body weaken as each day past. As the forest grows old, so do I, he thought. Memories began to swamp his mind, days long since forgotten.

He remembered fleeing for his life as Hagrid shouted out at the stranger. For weeks, Aragog had been begging to leave the castle for fear of what he felt moving in the walls. The basilisk. Even just thinking the name gave him fright, and Aragog redoubled his movement. He scurried past several students, who screamed, but couldn’t quite identify what he was. Hagrid should not be in any more trouble because of me, he thought, outside in the open air.

It was the first, and last, time he would ever leave the castle. Aragog made his way towards the forest. Something in those dark depths called to him, and he scurried deep into the dank, murky shadows. He made himself a nest, collectively spinning himself a nice web that grew daily. Aragog had no notion of how many days passed. All he knew was that he was on his own, and he struggled to catch his prey.

Initially, the creatures that inhabited the forest were wary of Aragog’s appearance, but eventually they grew to ignore his presence. That was how he made his first kill. His web sprung, Aragog waited in the shadows as a deer approached his burrow. As he watched, his eight eyes glittering in the dark, the deer, a small doe, stepped forward, onto the web. It didn’t appear to notice that as it took hesitating steps forward, the web stuck to its hooves. Finally, when it was half way through the web, it realized it was caught. Struggling, the doe bucked, causing its legs to become more entangled in the web. Aragog rushed forward. At the site of him, the doe fell limp. Stunned, Aragog clicked his pincers, and moved his legs forward to feel the creature. Its heart had given out, before Aragog could even stun the creature.

It had been since he dwelled in the castle since his last meal. Aragog clicked his pincers once more, and dug into his meal.

Some days, or maybe weeks passed by. Aragog got better at sneaking up on his prey, which came more often now. One day, Aragog was enjoying a rather nice, plump lynx that had slinked into his dwelling when he heard sounds of movement. Aragog had placed a web on the outer reaches of his territory to alert him in case something came nearby that he didn’t want to. Curious, Aragog crept towards the intruder.

A large man, one Aragog instantly recognized, stood there, looking around. Aragog clicked his pincers. The man, a boy really, turned.

“Aragog!” Hagrid cried in surprise. Aragog himself was surprised as well.

“Hagrid? It has been some time. Did my presence get you into trouble at the school?” Aragog asked. Hagrid had been used to his ability to speak, so did not start suddenly at the sound of his voice.

Hagrid looked a little sad. “They…they snapped me wand. But I’ve got the pieces. And Dumbledore, great man that he is, set me up with a job here at ther school!” Hagrid grinned up at Aragog. “I’m the new Gamekeeper. I keep an eye out fer them kids at the school who might want ter come into the forest.”

Aragog was a little frightened. “You won’t tell them I am here, will you Hagrid?”

“No, never!” Hagrid cried. “You’re my oldest friend, fer all I had yeh only a little bit.” Aragog clicked his pincers in appreciation.


Some time passed once more, and Aragog was introduced to his wife, Mosag, by Hagrid, who found her especially for Aragog. Together, they had the first of their children. Hagrid was proud.

“I’ll be their uncle, o’course,” he said, being introduced to the little acromantulas for the first time. He flinched a few times as the little ones bit him.

Aragog was irritated at them. “Do not attack Hagrid. Remember his smell, remember his flesh. Hagrid is a friend, and not to be eaten,” he commanded. The little acromantulas scurried away from Hagrid, and avoided him whenever he came back to visit.


More time passed. Hagrid had not visited in some time, and Aragog grew a little worried. More and more or his cousins, spiders, came scurrying into the forest, seeking protection once more from the basilisk that roamed through the walls of the school.

Some days passed, and Aragog’s children called warning that men were headed towards their burrow. Aragog’s curiosity got the better of him, and he was a little surprised to see that the men his children spoke of were nothing more than little children.

One child spoke bravely to Aragog, asking if he knew about what attacked a girl who died at the school the day Aragog fled the castle. Aragog told the child little, of his fears of being in that box with that creature roaming the halls. But Aragog grew tired quickly of the conversation, and allowed his own children to attack the two young boys.

Aragog’s children and grandchildren returned some time later to say that the boys had escaped. While Aragog was disappointed for his children’s sake, he was intrigued by the brave young man, and ordered his children and grandchildren not to attack the boy should he enter the forest again.

The boy did tend to have a knack for entering the forest. He came back, just a year after he had last been chased out, this time with a creature Aragog recognized as Hagrid’s. Aragog and his family watched from a distance as the boy made his way in and out of the forest, accompanied by the creature and a girl. Sometime later, Aragog watched, alone now, as Hagrid celebrated something from his cabin, cheering and drinking into the night. Aragog wished greatly to speak with Hagrid about his happiness, but he refused to leave his family now that they had grown older, and more restless.

            Aragog blinked at the memories. His body felt heavy, but he was not ready to pass on just yet. His children grew edgy, as they wished to eat his flesh. They, too, knew Aragog’s time was coming to an end. Aragog found himself wanting to see the boy again, but he doubted the boy would return. Aragog had caught a glance of the boy, now a young man, just the summer previously, as he walked through the forest with a young girl and an older woman.

            I wonder where that boy will go, how far he’ll grow in his power, Aragog thought. His vision was going dark, and he heard the approach of familiar footsteps. Hagrid, he thought. I wish to see him one…last…


~ by HelixRook on April 24, 2011.

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