The oh so pathetically annoying story I wrote about Jay and a Sheep

Jay and his brother were in Wales one fine evening, minding their own business when they entered a tent, because they felt like it. Well, the tent was pretty boring, to be honest, but it was filled with epically amazing SHEEP. That’s right; you heard it, fantastically amazing fluffy little sheep. Now, for some reason, Jay’s brother had two hair straighteners on his person. Jay decided to have a little bet with his brother: the one who straightens the hair of most of the sheep wins and the loser has to do something that the winner decides. Well, the sheep weren’t very happy. In fact, they started to bite the wellington boots that the two brothers were wearing because they were being disturbed in their own tent. Once the straightening began, however, the sheep got relaxed and happy. They were no longer super fluffy, but sleek and shiny, and very much content.

Sadly enough, Jay’s brother was really good at straightening the hair of the sheep. Perhaps Jay should look into this. Anyways, Jay lost the bet. Now his brother, gloating at his amazing sheep-hair straightening skills, decided he wanted to further humiliate his brother. So, pulling out a camera he spontaneously had hidden, Jay’s brother started cackling with laughter.

“Alright little brother,” he said with a wicked grin on his face. “Take your pick.”

Jay looked a little confused. “Excuse me? My pick of what?” His brother laughed harder.

“Why, your kissing mate, little brother. Because you lost, you have to make out with one of these poor little sheep. So, go on, take your pick!”

Jay, mortified, especially since he had spotted his brother’s camera, picked the smallest sheep in the bunch. It was a small little black sheep, the runt of the bunch. His face in a grimace, poor Jay bunched up his lips and smooched the little sheep on the lips. His brother, cackling madly, took dozens of photos, from several different angles.

“We are not going to get those photos developed,” Jay said as they made their way home.

His brother grinned but said nothing. Several weeks had passed and the incident had passed out of Jay’s mind. Suddenly he came home one day to find his family giggling and whispering suspiciously as he entered the room.

“What’s for dinner?” Jay asked, a little confused by his family’s actions.

Jay’s brother, the one who had been with him that fateful night, grinned mischievously. “We’re having lamb chops,” he said, struggling to keep his face straight. It didn’t last since the entire family broke out into hysterical laughter.

Jay looked at his brother’s hands to see pictures recently developed.  Chasing his brother around the house, Jay managed to get the pictures, and he burned the evidence. Little did poor Jay know that his brother had copies hidden elsewhere for a later time in which Jay could be humiliated. Now Jay suffers the humiliation of this story getting out onto the HPFF Forums. Poor Jay.


~ by HelixRook on April 24, 2011.

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