Life has been quiet

And I find myself capable of writing now that finals are all over and done with. While I am fairly certain I just managed to fail a class for the first time in my life, I am fairly confident that all my other classes are good to go. I am writing like I haven’t written in a good long while, and I’ve found a focus, not for my blog, but for a new story, or rather, an autobiography of sorts.

Going through all my craziness with my oh so lovely friend “It,” I am actually really excited about where this is going. I only just started it, and there will be a lot that I’ll have to cover and skirt over details, but I am just excited to be writing again.

Life hasn’t been to kind to me. I’ve had two mental breakdowns in the last two weeks, one at school and one at home after an oh so lovely fight with my father just before we went on a stressful vacation (yes, it should have been relaxing, but everyone was being so fake, it was hard to relax).

I’ve never really had a mental breakdown like that before. Just out of the blue, suddenly my parents were asking if I should just quit college (even though finals were just two weeks away). NEVER has that happened to me before. Still, it was an experience and now I am a little more prepared.

I’ve been finding a TON of great music lately. Most of it is Christian music, and I’ve really been able to appreciate and enjoy it. It’s been really inspiring me with my Christian story. I’ve got three to six stories that I’m working on lately. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to really work on any of them though, so now that I’ve got a chance, I am taking the opportunity to really punch through them.

I’m still really disappointed with HPFF right now, though. I never received a response for why I was kicked off suddenly, and no one has been kind enough to let me know. However I am content with what I’ve got. My stories were all backed up and what not, so no worries with that. Still, I am really angry that I never received a response for why that had happened, and no one has been willing to assist me with it; the higher ups I used to follow blocked me from following them (really mature, right?), and I still am left wondering what I did wrong.

I’ve been introduced to several videos, super funny and awesome. First off, hats off to Disney for “Tangled!” I’m not gonna lie, that movie really got me. I didn’t like Princess and the Frog, but Tangled hit me just right! Some other films that have caught my attention are Broken Path, starring Johnny Yong Bosch and Dan Southworth (I love watching him in movies!). “Entry Level,” with D.B. Sweeney was super entertaining too (Dan Southworth was in that too, which is how it came into my line of sight). Let’s see, what else have I recently seen….Hanna, which was good but really short and little to the plot, the (original) Karate Kid, which I’d never seen before sadly, but was still entertained by the cheesiness…Sucker Punch, which was AWESOME!!!… and Mulan II, which was Disney trying too hard… That’s about it…

I’ve got to see a great deal of talent from my awesomely amazing church group, XA, who had a great open mike night. Hats off to the “original Fergie-ferg”, that guy Bryce Brothers, Tressa, Amanda, Britani and everyone else. They were all so talented. I’m excited that I managed to get video and audio from all the best stuff!! I think you all are amazing and I can’t wait to see you all again soon.

So while I sit here in this nice, nearly empty dorm room, waiting another two hours for my sister to arrive to help pack up and leave my first year of college, I can’t help but feel really sad, and am bracing myself for a ton of stress. It was bad enough fighting and having a mental breakdown after a fight with my father, but I think it hurt most because it was over my coming home and seeing everyone for the first time in several months. Oh well, I’ll see what God has in store for me.

So, until next I write, Snape_Redeemed out.


~ by HelixRook on May 12, 2011.

One Response to “Life has been quiet”

  1. Suckerpunch was amazing so many people hate on that cuz they think it should have sdeeper meaning but its traight up just a kick ass movie it has robots samurias with miniguns Bangin girls nazis dragons swords!!!! it has it all and the most kick ass soundtrack eveer!!! te first 5 mins was the most epic 5min opening ive ever seen in a movie without a doubt that was amazing i cant wait to get it on blueray!!! have a good one and keep ur head up theres happiness somewere all u need to do is find it

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