Mentioning it again I suppose….

But the time is drawing nearer to when I may or may not get my tattoo or the Kindle. To me, the Kindle mig-ht not be worth it because, well, it’s technology and may easily become obsolete in the very near future. That aside, I absolutely love holding a book in my hand. Scrolling through a screen does not feel the same, even though it is rather cool.

Anyways, I have about four different focuses of tattoos that I’m looking at getting. My issue is that I want them all, but I’m not paying for them (since it’s my birthday present) and if I combined them, they would look a little odd. Still, There are four of them that are really catching my interest.

Originally I was just going to go with the Zibu angelic symbol meaning “Choose Life,” or rather, choose a life that you want and that is positive. I also really want a wolf. Wolves for me are the ultimate amazing creatures. I love them so much. But they aren’t just my all-time favorite animal, they have specific meaning for me. I want a wolf so that I don’t forget the hardship that I went through to realize that the wolf was my favorite animal. There’s a whole story behind that (involving the girl I call It), and I think it’s very important that I represent the struggle I went through. The next one I had in mind was a Phoenix. Not only to represent my home town (not that I like it that much) but also because it represents where I want to go as well, and what I’ve dealt with. As they say, a Phoenix can represent joy, love and rage, all of which I wish to attain and/or struggle with.

The last one I am wanting to get is …very strange to describe. It involves Red vs. Blue, the amazing series created by the guys at Rooster Teeth. It should be pictured above, and represents Seasons 6-8 or RvB (mostly Reconstruction though). I want to represent something Red vs. Blue because lately RvB is the only that has kept me going. It has inspired me more so than anything else these last few weeks as I become reintroduced to my family’s daily lives for a few months. It represents my love for the stupidly funny and random things that can start a mini-cult of followers. It could also represent, in a sense, my love of video games, since it is a web series based off the Halo games and technology.

To me, tattoos should have specific meaning, not, as my lovely sister put it, “in spite of” someone, or just so your friend can practice. All four of the aforementioned tattoos represent specific meanings for me. Now there’s only one issue: which one do I do first?


~ by HelixRook on June 4, 2011.

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