A moment in time

Moments have past us by without even realization that they happened until they are no more. As time passes we see things more clearly, while at intervals we cannot seem to grasp what it is that is happening.

Lately I’ve been meeting people that have been making my life worth living. That isn’t to say I was ever suicidal, but that my life wasn’t worth much of anything. The person I was is not the person I’ve been. I’ve changed, and it’s all for the better. Now I have friends, I have people I can rely on. I am capable of trusting people again. And I’ve found God again. So much has changed. My life is much more positive, much more worth something.

These days I seek God for guidance, and He answers me every time. He may not answer directly, though in some cases He has, and He may not have the answers I want, but He always answers. Lately I’ve heard a name thrown around me, and I was curious about the individual. One night my church group was playing games for the night, and we decided to play Mafia. Interestingly enough, this guy whom I’ve been hearing about was there, and he sat beside me. At first I was just paying attention to the others around me until he introduced himself. His posture and body frame did not give me a good impression of what his voice would sound like.  His voice was very quiet, but in a pleasant, calming sort of way.

Of course, being a ridiculous girl that I am, I started crushing on him hardcore. It doesn’t help that he has gorgeous blue eyes. But lately God’s been showing me that I need to put my trust in Him, and not in my own decisions right now. I think that has been the hardest, especially since I want a relationship so badly, but God has my life in His hands, so I need to learn to trust Him more.

It doesn’t help that I finally got the courage to add him as a friend on Facebook, nor that we had a nice day today of playing Ultimate Frisbee (on the same team, no less!). It was certainly a great day. I was a little disappointed this guy didn’t join the small group of us headed to play Halo: Reach. Still, I was glad for the time I got to spend with him.

With my sister gone in the military, I’ve found myself a lot more homesick this semester. I miss her like no one’s business. I am really happy that her battalion has a Facebook page. I finally managed to find a photo of her! So exciting, especially after not really actually seeing her for so long. Only  a few weeks left until she graduates. I’m so happy!

My life has been turning around, going for what feels like the first time, in a good way. I really can’t wait to see where God takes my life next. Each moment is an absolute blessing.


~ by HelixRook on October 8, 2011.

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