Come meet Snape_Redeemed

Hello, my name is Snape_Redeemed. Sorry, you’re not going to get my real name, at least until I get to know you a little better. To start off, I am a very passionate writer. I love to write, even if I don’t always complete my work. Also note that I love to read. I was never forced to read as a child because I was so in love with books. My parents’ form of punishment for me was to take away my books. Well, lucky for me, I now have too many books for them to even consider taking from me.

As a teenager, I really am not an out-going type. I mean, I really enjoy going for walks, the occassional hike and even shopping, but I just can’t handle people. I guess that’s my real problem. People. In general, they’re alright when I don’t have to deal with/ talk to them, but on too many occassions am I just absolutely annoyed with them. I may not know them, but they bug me. I am a college student, only turning nineteen years old this June, but my attitude is that of a bitter ol woman. The reasoning behind that is a long, complicated reason, which I wrote about for a school project. I’ll post it sometime, if I remember to, that is.

My passions don’t only extend into reading and writing. I also love music, ice hockey, ice skating in general (very occassionally I like figure skating), Glee, Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling, bashing on Twilight and Stephenie Meyer, Severus Snape (if you couldn’t already tell from my name), sunflower seeds, paper, writing utensils, the Phoenix Coyotes, cruises, pocket watches, making  jewelry and candy. Oh sure, I could put a lot more onto that list, but why bother? I will be posting about most of the above and more in my blog “For the Love of…” for the next thirty or so days.

As for my career choice, I am going to school to become an English major (what a surprise, right?). Here is the actual surprising news: I want to become an editor. Yes, sort of like how it was portrayed in “The Proposal” but not quite so dramatic or serious (if you could call a movie with Betty White dancing around serious). I also have some aspirations to become a firefighter. I have volunteered upon several occassions  with the local fire department, seeing as my father is also a firefighter. I guess my only frustration so far has been that on all ride-alongs, I have not gone on a fire (It’s called “The Rider’s Curse” FYI). I do enjoy helping people, though I usually don’t give off that impression upon first meeting.

I guess that is enough rambling on for now. Until I update next, this is Snape_Redeemed out.


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