My Final Goodbye

This is a story relating to what I mention in my introduction page; this is something that caused me to be so bitter a person. But this work, titled “My Final Goodbye,” (again, another one from YWS) is not the legit one that I mentioned. That one will be posted later. Feel free to comment and critique. 

Your words keep coming out, echoing in my mind, and hypnotizing my thoughts, taking control of my mind. This vulnerability of mine causes one of my biggest downfalls, but for now your words keep twisting, warping, and changing my mind to your will.
   At the time everything was so clear; you found an explanation for everything. In your presence I was happy, away I was going crazy. A nasty whisper about you I quickly put those people to silence. I grew strong and feared by peers, but I thought that was fine because you were satisfied.
   Then we went to the next school, still the “best of friends.” My reputation was still there, and I still silenced anyone against you. I grew more and more attached to you, dependant upon your presence like an infant to its mother.
   But there was a disruption, a flaw in the consistency of your entity. Our group went from three to five, then to seven. That should have been the first flag in my mind, but it was still under your control, still being warped by our spellbinding words that captivated me so. Of our new ranked members, one set out in my vision compared to the others because of her alternate personality.
   For a while I did not know of its existence, and then it became more clear. Then you began to warp. Suddenly your words weren’t so captivating, they were annoying. You entity grew a new alternate personality, never present until after meeting that girl. Our group stayed around six members, but our names kept changing. My favorite nickname given to me by you was given away to another. I was satisfied when you gave me the nickname of the “god’s” position. Then all the nicknames changed. Three of the rank left the group when we moved on to high school. I brought in a new member to our ranks, but it is now my biggest regret. While I am presently free, she suffers not to fall under your control.
   Less than half of the year went by before everything began to fit. Suddenly your words meant nothing because it was nothing but lies. You’re words, once full of inspiring confidence grew faltering, warped and useless. My mind was set and I was prepared to go out dying. We exchanged several nasty words, you and I, so very nasty indeed. We would not survive well in each other’s presence for two years.
   I was placed in the same room as you two years later. You can’t even begin to imagine what was going through my mind as you entered into that room. My frustration shot through my mind so quickly tears began to form and fill my eyes. Why here? Why now?
   A week passed with no incidents. You had already finished everything for the class. I was just finishing myself. Sitting in the back of the room to get out of the way of the other students, I sat working on my writing, not expecting anything in particular to happen.
   “I know you don’t like me,” you said. Other words came from your mouth but I didn’t comprehend them instantly. I will not even begin to try and suppress my surprise now. Why would you talk to me? Even after all this time? No, I couldn’t believe it. But I replied back, and then continued to seethe your presence.
   When I got home, I will be honest. I felt like crap. You were the bigger person by talking to me. But I am going to say this: Despite all the crap you’ve done to me, psychologically you’ve done some damage; but despite all that you’ve done to me since we’ve met, I don’t hate you. I respect you for being the bigger person and talked to me, but I still don’t like you. And I never will. Not after what you did to me. But I will forgive you for it, and because of it, I was forced to grow up. I know it is too much to hope that I will never see you again but I won’t lie. It is my biggest desire. So here is my goodbye to you: May we never meet again.


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